3 Simply Delicious Baked Bean Hacks

September 04, 2015 Quick & Easy

It’s easy to fall in love with canned baked beans, as they turn any dish into a satisfying meal. They’re an essential ingredient in any number of delicious side dishes, salads and entrees.

Whether you’re entertaining on the fly, creating a potluck dish or looking for a quick family dinner, cooking with beans is easy and delicious. Get the family involved in preparing the meal. They’ll not only appreciate the time that it takes to prepare everything, they'll also learn the value of cooking on the fly, being creative with a recipe and eating homemade.

If you’re entertaining, a bean recipe goes over very well with all your guests, especially since some canned baked bean varieties are vegetarian and gluten-free.

If cooking with beans is new for you, try a few different recipes the next time you want a quick, satisfying meal or snack (starting with some of our ideas below). Perfect your favorite recipe, and make it one of your signature party dishes.

Cooking with beans is easy and delicious

Untraditional Salad Take a traditional favorite, such as the three-bean salad, and give it your own spin. With a variety of beans and pineapple juice, and a hint of cinnamon, this salad is a perfect cookout side dish that only takes 10 minutes to make. Combine the ingredients, stir, refrigerate and serve chilled. It goes perfectly with steak or chicken kebabs.

Delicious Casserole Start with a can of BUSH'S® Boston Recipe Baked Beans and add a combination of corn, tomato, green pepper and bacon for a scrumptious casserole. This hot, hearty dish is on the table in less than an hour. If you’re running out of time at the store, and chopping doesn't fit your tight agenda, choose pre-prepped (and chopped) vegetables. This drastically reduces kitchen work, saving time so you can get a quick meal on the table.

Hearty One-Skillet Dish One-skillet meals make prep and cleanup so much easier. Even better: This hearty dish has just five ingredients. You may even want to double the recipe so you’ll have enough for leftovers the next day.

With a little imagination, a can of baked beans becomes part of an easy, family-friendly meal.

* Tip: Can’t get enough baked beans? Check out some even more quick and creative uses for them!

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