4 Brilliant Pork Recipes

You love chicken for its ease and versatility, but don't forget about "the other white meat." Let's explore some delectable uses for pork - from flavorful gameday chili recipes to simple weeknight supper recipes.

" ... delectable uses for pork ... "

An Impressive Pork Tenderloin Recipe When it comes to entertaining, pork is an ideal choice. It's leaner than beef, and it has a relatively quick cooking time, which means it's less likely to get dry and tough. In this easy pork tenderloin recipe, sweet apples and baked beans complement the savory meat. Beautifully presented, it'll be the talk of any dinner party.

A Savory Enchilada Recipe Avoid the "What's for supper?" conundrum. Have dinner waiting in the slow cooker at the end of the day with this pork enchilada recipe. When you get home in the evening, simply shred the slow-cooked pork tenderloin and put it on the table along with some fresh toppings and tortillas. It's a meal the whole family will love.

A Nourishing Soup Recipe The protein portion of the meal often takes the most time and effort. Save time by freezing precooked pork. For example, keep cubed ham in the freezer for a variety of meals, such as this comforting ham and blackeye pea soup recipe.

A Gameday Pork Chili Recipe Everyone loves getting together for sporting events, and the food served is often just as important as the game itself. When it comes to creating a potluck dish for gameday, this quick pork chili recipe satisfies even the hungriest fans. Featuring pork, two types of canned beans, veggies and hot sauce, it's ready in under an hour.

The next time you need a delicious dish to serve your guests, or a quick meal to nourish your family, think beyond the bird and use pork!

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