6 Tips to Get Amazing Meals From Your Leftover Ham

Ham is ideal for Sunday dinner, but what can you do with the leftovers?

Plenty! They make an excellent addition to a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

Take the leftover meat from a ham hock or spiral ham and think of it as an ingredient for a completely different meal. If you choose to reheat ham leftovers, there are ways to spruce them up. One way is to add moisture back into the dish by including a vegetable, beef or chicken stock. You can also add fresh herbs and cheese to the leftovers, and make casserole dishes. Using parsley, cilantro or basil, plus a drizzle of olive oil, dresses up the meal.

Here are six other scrumptious ways to use leftover ham:

With a little creativity, you can use leftover ham in a number of amazing ways.

1. One-Bowl Meals. Add ham to this delicious mix of blackeye peas, onion and cayenne pepper, and you have a quick, simple meal with minimal cleanup.

2. Potpies. Take leftover ham, add an abundance of vegetables and put it all in a crust for a unique potpie. Use crescent rolls or a store-bought piecrust as a quick topping.

3. Stews. Use leftover ham in this Southern-inspired stew recipe, and serve it over fluffy white rice.

4. Meat pies. Freeze leftover ham in small amounts for meat pies or pasta dishes, and add canned beans to the recipe right before baking.

5. Soups. Chop leftover ham into small pieces, and combine it with blackeye peas and vegetables to make this classic soup that will delight the whole family.

6. Breakfast foods. Ham is perfect in any number of breakfast casseroles, quiches and scrambles.

Don't let leftover ham go to waste. With a little creativity, you can use it in a number of amazing ways.

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