Amazing Beans & Rice Combos

November 03, 2014 Classic Cooking

It's sometimes hard to get a tasty, balanced meal on the table, especially during busy weeknights. Fortunately, two simple food items offer a solution to this dilemma. I'm talking about rice and beans.

There are countless ways to combine these versatile pantry staples. Even better, canned beans and quick-cook rice make meal prep simple and convenient without sacrificing taste!

For inspiration, take a look at these quick, easy and delicious beans and rice recipes.

There are countless ways to combine these versatile pantry staples.

Use a Variety of Beans Don't be afraid to swap one type of bean for another to transform a dish. For example, this hearty Italian-inspired recipe combines great northern beans, diced tomatoes, rice and herbs. Substitute black beans or kidney beans to give the meal a different, but equally appealing, taste and texture.

Use Quick-Cook Rice & Canned Beans You can cook delectable suppers in practically no time. This dirty rice and beans dish combines kidney beans, onions, peppers, celery and spices for a meal your entire family will gobble down. The best part: It takes just 30 minutes to prepare. In only 15 minutes, cook up a traditional black beans and rice recipe, which has black beans, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and rice.

Serve as a Side Dish If you have time to create a more involved meal, beans and rice also make amazing side dishes. For example, if you're serving grilled chicken, mix black and pinto beans, green chilies and rice for a Tex-Mex side with loads of flavor.

Prep Ahead of Time Try cooking ahead on the weekends, when life isn't quite as hectic. You can create a big pot of rice, quinoa or farro so it's ready to go for dinner. Another option is to prepare rice and bean combinations and freeze them until you need to use them.

Using a base of rice and beans, you can create delicious, fun and easy weekday dinners in about 30 minutes. That means less time in the kitchen and more time with the people who matter most.

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