Delectable Ways to Make-Over Hot Dogs & Bratwursts

September 08, 2016 Entertaining, Gameday Tips, Grilling

Hot dogs and bratwursts always taste great on the grill. How do you take those already delicious sausages and elevate them to the next level? We have a bunch of great ideas that include gourmet toppings which will take these grill-out favorites and make them craveable and you can do it all in your own backyard!

The Bulldawg is a great twist on the chili dog. Combine ground meat and a tangy, tomato-y sauce with the kick of jalapenos and the smoky heat of chipotles, and put it on top of your favorite grilled hot dog with a generous topping of cheese and some chopped sweet onions. All you’ll need is a side of baked beans for the perfect, spicy backyard meal.

Sausages don’t have to be eaten just on buns. Slice up bratwursts and put them on skewers, alternating with onions and red peppers and grill. You could also add zucchini, other sorts of peppers, eggplant -- anything you like! It’s a meal on a stick, which is both fun for your family and easy for you to prepare and serve with a side of baked beans. You won’t even miss the bun!

Chili dogs are a classic. We take that classic and switch it around to make it a true crowd-pleaser! Start by using chili beans and adding an extra kick of chili powder (if you desire), then top a grilled hot dog in a toasted bun with the mixture, add some bacon and cheddar cheese. It’s your whole backyard grill-out meal in one bun: delicious for the whole family, and your friends as well! Don’t forget the mustard!

Wrapping bacon around anything makes it even more delicious, and peppers and onions are a classic sausage topping. Combine the two of them for a killer grilled meal of bacon and bratwursts. Wrap the bacon around a bratwurst, and secure it with a toothpick. While they’re grilling, you can cook onions and peppers together (I like red, but green and yellow are delicious as well) for a delicious topper. To accentuate the delicious smoky bacon, serve with perfectly sweet baked beans.

Hot dogs and bratwurst don’t have to be boring. Just a few changes will make your everyday sausage into something extraordinary -- changes that are both easy and delicious.

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