Delicious One-Bowl Lunches

October 31, 2014 Quick & Easy

Whether you're busy with work, school or family commitments, you likely don't have time for complicated lunches involving multiple dishes and utensils. These quick, easy one-bowl meals could be the perfect solution.

They are ideal for taking to work, packing in kids' school lunches or having lunch with friends. They're almost as simple to make as a brown-bag sandwich and chips, and they're way more delicious! Finally, they provide a balanced meal — protein, starch, veggies and sometimes even fruit — in one dish.

Almost as simple to make as a brown-bag sandwich and chips, and they're way more delicious!

Just Add Beans Canned beans are a tasty, convenient way to include protein in your one-bowl meal. For example, this cucumber and chickpea salad is ready in 20 minutes. Sauté the beans, chop the veggies, mix it all together and go.

Lunch Is Served When you're starving for lunch, having a fresh-tasting meal ready to go is key. This salad with black beans and mango mixes sweet and savory flavors perfectly. Prep it before you leave in the morning, put it in the refrigerator and enjoy it as soon as those afternoon hunger pangs hit.

Get Your Fiber & Protein Beans are a good source of soluble fiber, which keeps you feeling fuller longer. For example, this delicious salad of tuna and cannellini beans keeps you going until suppertime.

Mix & Divide Save even more time by making your lunches, like this red beans and rice dish, the night before. Cook the rice, mix the ingredients and divide into individual servings. Store the servings in the refrigerator, so the next morning family members can grab their lunch and get out the door.

With enough creativity and the right ingredients, a busy person can prepare and enjoy a one-bowl lunch that puts more complicated meals to shame.

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