Easy Brunch Recipes for Lazy Mornings

March 02, 2017 Quick & Easy

Weekends are for brunching! Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday or have family visiting for the holidays, host a lovely brunch with crowd-pleasing recipes you can make ahead of time. You know, so you aren’t stuck in the kitchen all morning.

I love the feeling of being prepared and having my menu planned. And to be honest, I want to be realistic about what I’m making. Do I really want to be flipping pancakes for 20 people? No! Here are some quick and easy brunch recipes that let you hang out with your guests, not hang out by the stove.

Make-Ahead Recipes Are Your Friend

It’s such a treat for overnight guests to wake up to breakfast on the table. But after entertaining them the night before, you don’t want to be getting up at the crack of dawn to make it happen! So it’s make ahead meals to the rescue.

This make ahead breakfast casserole with grits, eggs, beans and cheese can be made up to 24 hours in advance. All you have to do the morning of is pop it in the oven and serve it hot with a side of fresh fruit. It’s also delicious with a fried or poached egg on top. Make sure you’ve got some hot sauce in the pantry, too, in case some of your guests want to fire up their breakfast.  

Make the Morning Sweet

Brunch is all about the savory AND the sweet, so offer the best of both worlds. Cake's always a crowd favorite, plus the house smells so good when there’s some sugar ‘n spice baking in the oven. Spice cakes are a festive choice for the holidays, and if you’ve never thought of baking a cake with beans and honey, this pineapple-glazed spice cake recipe might just change your mind.

Little Bites, Big Flavor

Mini tarts, like sweet and savory tarts with apples, beans and goat cheese, are the perfect brunch bite (or party appetizer … or snack!). Speed up the prep even more by using pre-made pastry shells. And for that extra special touch, display the tarts on a tiered cake stand.

Another little bite that packs big flavor is what I like to call a puff – any number of ingredients tucked inside buttery crescent roll dough, kind of like a big dumpling. This 30-minute breakfast puff pastry recipe, with beans, Greek yogurt and sausage, is the perfect brunch dish.

One of my favorite things about cooking is getting to make delicious food for the people I love. Food that I hope they love … and who doesn’t love brunch?

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