Where's The Beef? It's on The Grill!

My approach to summer entertaining is simple – good food made with the best possible ingredients, inviting friends and family to share a meal, and keeping it casual, pretty much sums up how we roll.

Grilling weather is here, and if you’re anything like our family, burgers, ribs, steaks and chicken will be on the menu. While we love experimenting with new spins on classic side dishes, sometimes you just need the comfort of knowing that you can serve a bowl of baked beans that everyone loves.

For ultimate burgers that are overstuffed with goodness, this stuffed burger recipe is easy to prepare ahead of time, and takes very little time on the grill. Serve them with original baked beans, and your menu is set!

Planning the perfect steak dinner involves the right cut of meat and the right marinade. The best steaks for home grilling are nature's perfectly marbled beef ribeye steaks, or bone-in ribeye steaks. Buy a thicker cut and carve it for your family and friends.

Use a canola and olive oil blend to coat the steak before seasoning it, usually an 80/20 blend. Lightly coat the steak, which will allow the surface temperature to get seared fast, ensuring a juicier final product, as well as charring the meat’s surfaces. Remember, a little flame is your friend; a lot of flame will burn the outside of the meat.

For tender steak, once you have achieved the desired temperature, remove the steak and allow it to rest for 5 minutes before slicing it. At this time, throw the veggies on the grill, while the meat is resting. Vegetables char and cook quickly, and are delicious served as a side dish with steak.

A good marinade makes a great steak. Marinate the meat overnight, and the next day, cook the steak to perfection and serve with a delicious potato salad, with fresh corn, blue cheese, and bacon.

Whether you're after a simple salad to accompany your meal, or a side dish of baked beans to wow your taste buds, don’t forget that beef is delicious and a real crowd-pleaser for a summer meal!

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