Meatless Appetizer Madness: Score With These Gameday Recipes

January 26, 2016 Entertaining, Gameday Tips

It's championship hoops time! These indulgent, delectable appetizers are sure to score big at any viewing party. Surprisingly, none of them contain meat.

They also don't require you to spend hours in the kitchen or buy tons of special ingredients. Pull out some pantry staples, and plan a menu full of easy dips and finger food recipes that will keep your team going strong through the college basketball playoff season.

Tip Off With Delicious Dip Recipes

"Meatless doesn't have to mean bland..."

Meatless doesn't have to mean bland or boring. Start the party with a pesto dip recipe that's accompanied by veggies, naan and gluten-free chips. Mashed garbanzo beans provide a creamy base for the dip, and pesto and red peppers add lots of flavor.

Another slam-dunk in the kitchen is this Buffalo dip recipe. A mix of canned chili beans, red pepper, blue cheese and hot sauce will wake up the taste buds and satisfy any spicy-food lover.

Score With Savory Finger Food Recipes Make it easy for your guests to snack while they watch the game by serving bite-size finger foods and appetizers. I served a Southwest-inspired mini quiche recipe at a gameday party, and the crowd went wild.

I also made this easy bruschetta recipe for a group of friends who always seem to find their way to my house when a game's on. They loved the mouthwatering combination of cannellini beans, tomatoes and Parmesan.

Looking for a fun activity (beside eating) for between games? Set a hoop up over the trash can and create your own pickup game with your guests!

Get the party started. Send out your invites, make sure there are plenty of seats in front of the TV and prepare some amazing meatless appetizer recipes.

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