4 Vegetarian Chili Recipes That Won’t Make You Miss the Meat

March 02, 2017 Chili, Dietary Considerations

These days, I seem to be entertaining more friends who are vegetarian, so I’m always on the lookout for meatless meals that don’t skimp on flavor. I’ve found some excellent recipes that make everyone happy – vegetarian recipes so good, the carnivores at the table don’t even miss the meat!

One of my go-to vegetarian recipes is vegetarian chili with beans. The texture and heartiness of beans, and the way they really soak up flavor, make them a good substitute for meat. Add some veggies and spices, and you’ve got a lighter take on classic comfort food that all your friends and family will love, not just vegetarians.

Here are four vegetarian chili recipes to try for your next potluck or game day party. They’re also perfect for Meatless Monday, or any day really!

  1. Bean and Corn Chili: Two kinds of beans, plus corn, bell pepper and unexpected spices like curry powder, make for a meatless chili recipe that’s big on flavor but short on time. While the chili simmers, bake some cornbread to eat on the side or crumble on top.

  2. White Bean and Hominy Chili: White chicken chili isn’t the only delicious white chili! This tasty spicy white bean chili, made with fresh poblano peppers and zesty tomatillo salsa, is proof. Just don’t leave out the hominy (corn kernels that have been dried, then soaked and cooked to remove their hulls, giving them a lovely, dumpling-like texture).

  3. Spicy Black Bean Chili: A good black bean chili is a must for your recipe collection, because it’s a real crowd pleaser. People love it, which is probably why you see it on the menu at so many restaurants! Top it with shredded cheese and crispy tortilla strips for the perfect game day food.

  4. Garden Vegetable Chili: When you’re cooking for vegetarians, using lots of veggies is never a bad idea. In addition to peppers and onions, try adding zucchini to make a vegetable chili that doesn’t need the meat one bit. Even better, serve it in bread bowls for an impressive presentation your guests will love.

With so many options, your next dinner party might just have to be a meatless chili cook off! The vegetarians in your life would definitely love that, but so would your meat-loving family and friends. These vegetarian chili recipes have big flavor that everyone loves, whether they eat meat or not. Everyone wins!

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