Sweet & Simple Desserts for Your Next Tailgate

December 04, 2015 Gameday Tips

Whenever we talk about tailgates, we talk about chili, chicken wings and all sorts of delicious, savory tailgating food. But sometimes, don't you want something a little sweet before kickoff? Whether it's chocolate or something fruity, it's easy to create simple tailgate desserts with some unexpected ingredients.

Chocolaty Brownie Bites This brownie bites recipe adds a brilliant twist. For great body, puree black beans and add them to the batter before you bake the brownies. This is a fun recipe to get the kids involved in; they can roll the balls, dip them in chocolate and decorate.

Decadent Pinto Bean Pie Pinto beans add richness (and protein) to this pinto bean pie recipe, a delicious take on traditional, Southern-style pecan pie. This is guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser, and friends will never guess the secret ingredient! This recipe refrigerates well and makes two pies.

The treats are easy to make, and your crowd will go wild over them!

Flavorful Pumpkin Empanadas Fall is all about pumpkin — serve it in a unique way with this pumpkin empanada recipe. Pick your favorite piecrust, and then add some pumpkin pie spice, canned pumpkin and canned beans. Trust us, the combination is delicious. The pumpkin and beans combine for a sweet spiciness that you and your fellow tailgaters will love.

Smooth Caramel Dip Skip the store-bought dip. It's easy enough to make on your own. This caramel dip recipe combines pureed cannellini beans, cream cheese and brown sugar for a delicious dip that's good on apples, strawberries or any kind of fruit you like. It's also nice on ice cream.

When you're thinking about tailgating food, don't forget the sweet stuff. And yes, you can use beans for desserts, just like you can use them in savory recipes. The treats are easy to make, and your crowd will go wild over them!

* Tip: Do gameday the right way! We have an entire collection of articles with tailgating advice waiting for you.

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