Oh, The Things You’ll Dip in Hummus!

September 14, 2018 Entertaining, Gameday Tips, Seasonal Tips

Hummus is one of the easiest things you can whip up in your home kitchen. Admittedly, my younger self didn’t know the deliciousness that is chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, kosher salt and lemon. Of course, the best thing about hummus is all the ways you can use it, the flavors you can add to it and of course, the things you can dip in it.

Keep It Fresh

The first thing I think of when it comes to setting up a hummus dipping station is all the different vegetables that pair perfectly with hummus. The thing I look for in the perfect dipper is crunch. That’s why I always go with carrots, celery, radishes and cucumbers. I know radishes are a curve ball, but the spicy bite of a crunchy radish goes perfectly with the creaminess of hummus.

If you have time to blanch vegetables, it also pairs perfectly with blanched asparagus and green beans.

Carb Time

Though I’m deeply in love with my vegetables, if I’m hosting an event that includes hungry people, it’s best to play in the carb department. That means if you’re setting up a hummus spread, you need make sure you’re also adding toasted bread slices, crispy crackers, soft pita triangles and crunchy bread sticks.

Oh, and don’t forget to compliment your hummus flavors by picking a variety of crackers and breads. Pumpernickel, rye and crispy wheat are all great additions to the creamy texture of hummus.

Let’s Get Fancy

If you have a little extra time, you can always make a special dipper for your hummus. That means anything from bacon wrapped Brussels sprouts to puff pastry wrapped asparagus. Having something a little different than fresh vegetables and crackers will ensure you cater to all types of palates.

Plus, warm vegetable appetizers with cool hummus are always a crowd pleaser.

All the Toppings

While it’s possible to find almost any flavor of hummus in the store, it’s even easier to top your plain hummus at home. You can easily make a large batch of traditional hummus and top it with anything from fresh pine nuts, roasted chickpeas, harissa, lemon zest and even pesto. This keeps cost down because now you can just make one type of hummus and create lots of flavors to really make your spread shine.

Plus, I love knowing that if I’m making my own toppings I can really get creative!

Keep it Simple

You don’t want to spend hours putting together a hummus spread, so keep it simple. Take a little advice from each category and you’ll have an award-winning hummus spread set up in under an hour. That means you can dip and devour without any stress!