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September 04, 2015 Grilling, Soups, Salads, Salsas

Like many of you, I’m addicted to Pinterest. Whether it’s fashion, home décor or fitness, I love seeing what inspires others. Recipes are a big focus of Pinterest, of course, and some of the most Repinned recipes from our Pinterest account include chicken. Here are some of our popular recipes that use that most-versatile protein.

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Flavorful Marinades & Relishes Grilling chicken is one of the easiest ways to cook it. And there are an almost unlimited number of marinade options that add delectable flavor, as many of our Pinterest followers know. For example, the marinade in this recipe combines the sweetness of orange juice and brown sugar with the spice of mustard. I like to use the sauce as a marinade and a glaze, reserving some to coat the meat while on the grill. That way, you get chicken that’s flavorful all the way through. If you really enjoy the marinade, you can also make a little extra to serve on the side as a dipping sauce.

Looking for seasoning with a little more substance? Follow the example of this frequently Repinned recipe and create both a marinade and a relish. The marinade is awesome (definitely let the meat marinate overnight!), and the corn relish that goes along with it is also delicious with tortilla chips. If you want a little sweetness, add some diced mango to the relish.

Comforting Soups & Stews Soups and stews are great ways to use chicken, too. The meat takes on all of the savory flavors of the other ingredients in the recipe. The weather is getting cooler, so follow the example of our Pinterest fans and cook up this Buffalo chicken chili. It’s perfect for a fall supper, a tailgate or any time you want something a little spicy. It combines chicken, two types of beans and hot sauce to create a comforting, but unique, dish. I like to chop up a little extra celery for a crunchy garnish. A quick hint: If you don’t want to cook chicken just for this dish, swing by your favorite grocery store’s deli and buy a rotisserie chicken. It’ll save you a step (and be just as delicious as doing it yourself).

For something a little lighter, try this popular Southwest-inspired stew. This dish is great to make in a slow cooker, as it simmers for three hours. I like to add a little smoked paprika for some extra depth and a bit of heat.

We hope you’ll Pin these to your weekday dinner Pinboards, and that you’ll share other favorites that help spice up your everyday chicken dishes.

* Tip: We have plenty more information about working with chicken! Check out our stories about using rotisserie chicken year-round and cooking ahead with chicken.

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