Since You’ve Bean Gone: Our Most Popular Recipes

March 12, 2019

This Bean Life features recipes for everything, from hummus to pie — all featuring those beautiful beans. And while all our recipes offer something exciting and new to try, several recipes have really stood out. These are some of the most popular recipes readers have visited on This Bean Life. They’re fan favorites, tried and true — and maybe after reading, you’ll try them too!

1. Nacho Average Nachos

Nachos are always a crowd pleaser. Whether it’s a weeknight dinner, snacks for the game or even just a fun party dish, spicy nachos with tons of toppings are an easy win. In this recipe, we toss chicken, beans, homemade salsa, your favorite tortilla chips and a dose of iron-packed spinach for a different take on nachos. It’s more of a “bowl” than a cheesy, dip-laden dish, but it has all the flavors you love (and some added nutrition).

2. BUSH'S® Tuscan-Style Tomatoes

Based on the popularity of this article, it’s pretty clear readers want to know what to pair with their main course. There are obviously lots of things you can pair with burgers, steaks or beef in general. But this popular recipe had nothing to do with meat. The Tuscan-Style Tomatoes are hot, and for good reason.

This vegetarian recipe is a beautiful as it is delicious, which always help building family consensus. And most promising, it only takes 35 minutes.

3. BUSH'S® Rockin’ Moroccan Garbanzo Pita

Goodness, gracious, Garbanzo! The awesome ingredient behind hummus can be used to make a powerful pita! It’s a quick lunch or dinner that features cumin-spiced chicken and those glorious garbanzo beans inside of a pita pocket. You can cool it down a bit by adding yogurt or sour cream.

Best of all, this rockin’ recipe is only going to take you 20 minutes!

4. BUSH'S® Honey Chipotle Pork Tacos

Pork and beans go together like fish and chips, and there are numerous ways to pair them. Maybe that’s why so many Bean Life readers have flocked to this Honey Chipotle Pork Tacos recipe. This taco and bean dream team makes for a mouthwatering meal people can't wait to try!

Helpful hint: Use Stand ‘N Stuff taco shells to make taco assembly easier. It will help hold all of that flavor!

Hey, this isn’t sports – jumping on the bandwagon is totally acceptable here! So, go ahead, sample some of these brilliant bean recipes for yourself!

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